Go Bold?

The bright lipstick fad isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon. Not that we’re upset about it–sometimes a pop of color on your lips is just what you need.

But would you do it for your wedding?

Most brides choose a soft color palette for their wedding makeup, and almost always use a simple shine or pale pink lip-stain. Let’s admit it, going bold can be scary. How quickly will trends change? Will you look back at your wedding photos and wonder, “what was I thinking?!” But here’s are a few ways to go bold without going overboard. We’ll show you how to add lip color, no matter the season or style!


A dark, rich mauve is perfect for a glam wedding. The bold color stands out in the winter and has an old-fashioned, vintage flair to it. You’ll feel glamorous and sophisticated!


Berry is the perfect shade for spring! If you plan on incorporating a lot of bright flowers into the mix, this lip-stain is a great accent. It will tie together your colors, and it just screams springtime affair.


For summer, go for a fun hot pink shade, like the one above. Bright pink is a great contrast on tan skin and works well with a softer, muted color palette. Keep your accents light and summery while you go bold with your lip color!


Planning a fall wedding? You won’t go wrong by choosing a classic red lipstick! As the leaves change and summer winds to a close, the red hue is both bright and rich–perfect for an autumn color palette.

What do you think? Is a bold lip color too much? Just right? Let us know your thoughts! 🙂


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