Throw a Valentine’s Day Party!

What better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than to throw a Love Day Bash?! (Yeah, we knew you’d agree). Bring your girlfriends over or invite your couple friends–either way, make it a party full of laughter, love and lots of goodies!

ImageBake (or buy) a beautiful cake like this creative herringbone pink one. Get festive with drinks and try some sparkling pink lemonade!

ImageHave your friends write down what they love most about their friends and family on post-it notes, then display them in a cute heart-shape on the wall. Its a fun activity with sweet decorating results!


 Your friends will swoon over these amazing meringue cakes! They’re pretty, delicate and tasty. Try other romantic treats like macarons or cupcakes, too!

ImageSpread the love with adorable little gifts for your friends. Chocolate, candies, love messages–use your imagination. Your guests will enjoy the thoughtful touch!

Decorate to your heart’s desire and remember to say “I love you” on Thursday! Happy (early) Valentine’s Day from River House Events 🙂


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